Mission Moment

Mission Moment

The Mission Moment is our chance to take a deep dive into the powerful ministries of our congregation. Our church family is always sharing their time & talents in such powerful ways here at the church; each month we highlight a certain member/group, and learn about their ministries and a little about themselves in the process!

Mission Moment December 2019: A Report From Family Promise! In this month’s Mission Moment, you’ll see a stat sheet of the amazing numbers coming from Family Promise this year. See how many people were served, volunteer contributions, and get a little more insight about what this ministry is and WHLC’s role in a larger community effort! ~ By Pastor Chris

Mission Moment January 2020: Following our Mission Moment from last month, hear from our main coordinator for Family Promise-Jamie Charlton! In this message, she shares more about her experiences working with Family Promise, including the impact it has on the people it serves, and shares some of the things God has shown her through this ministry! ~ By Jamie Charlton

Mission Moment February 2020: The focus of this month’s Mission Moment is on our many Kitchen helpers and our weekly Community Meal. You’ll get a chance to hear directly from them why they love serving in the Kitchen, the process behind the meals and what the ministry means to them! Feeding people is a huge part of who we are at WHLC, so this is an awesome read to check out! ~ By WHLC Kitchen Volunteers

Mission Moment March 2020: The focus of this month’s Mission Moment is the maker of the wonderful mosaic pieces around our church, Dana Leahy! Heidi chatted with Dana about Project 66 (her goal to create a unique mosaic art piece for every book of Scripture) and about her process and love for creating mosaic pieces! A big thank you to Dana for sharing her wonderful artists gifts with our church-this is a worthwhile read full of awesome insight into this amazing ministry Dana partakes in! ~ By Dana Leahy

prayer shaw ministryMission Moment: May 2020: Get our your knitting needles and some colorful threads-the focus of this month’s Mission Moment is our wonderful Prayer Shawl ministry. Get a look into how the ministry got started, learn some fun facts about the group, and hear how they are planning to connect amidst social distancing! A special thank you to all the members of the group for being the focus of this month’s Mission Moment-the ministry is one of our most beloved and caring ones here at WHLC! ~ By Heidi Hennig

Mission Moment June 2020: We’ve seen such an amazing response from our community to help one and other throughout the spread of COVID-19; and one of the most important ministries that has developed here is mask making! For this month’s Mission Moment, we look at the different members of our church family who have been making masks for people to wear! Wearing a mask helps us protect others from spreading the virus when we need to be out an about, and is an act of loving our neighbors. A big thank you to all our mask makers for your work in such an important ministry during this times! ~ By the WHLC Mask Makers

Mission Moment July 2020: For this month’s Mission Moment, we get a closer look at at one of the longest running groups at WHLC-Men’s Bible Study! You’l learn a little about how the group started, and some of the things that they cover when they meet every Tuesday morning. The group is still meeting during this time of social distancing through video chat, and anyone is welcome to join this wonderful weekly time of conversation & Scripture study! ~ By the Men of the Men’s Bible Study

Mission Moment August 2020: Our focus for the Mission Moment this month takes us to the Koinonia Room-to the lovely crosses made by our own Dan Goss! During the church’s 75th Anniversary, Dan created several of these beautiful crosses to hang in our church Koinonia Room. While we are bummed no one can see them in person right now due to COVID, this month’s Mission Moment gives wonderful insight into his special project. Come to learn a little behind these wonderful pieces of art! ~ By Dan Goss

Mission Moment November 2020: Come learn about WHLC’s involvement in the CISS shelter meal in this month’s Mission Moment. Dana Leahy has spearheaded our church’s approach to this wonderful ministry for quite some time! Here she provides information on what the meal does, and how the pandemic has effected how it serves the community. This is a wonderful ministry to get involved with. Thank you Dana for giving us this look inside a beloved ministry! ~ By Dana Leahy