Church News

Church News

Faith and Science

Are you interested in the intersection between faith and science? Check out the current issue of Covalence, the monthly online magazine published by the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology. Covalence for September 2018

Marshalltown Tornado Relief

As many of you have probably heard, the community of Marshalltown was devastated by a recent tornado on July 19th. Several organizations have been on the scene assisting in physical clean up and assisting families affected by the tornado. In partnership with LSI and the Lutheran Disaster Response in Iowa, ELCA congregations and synods have begun plans to assist and donate…

VBS Recap Video

If you want to get a final glimpse of what WHLC’s VBS this year looked like, be sure to check out our recap video! It shows some of our best photos from the week, alongside never-before-seen video of our adventures during VBS. The video can be found on our Facebook Page!

WHLC VBS Photos 2018!

We are so happy to report that this years VBS was well received by students, parents and volunteers alike. Everyone had a fun time as we took four days to learn about Grace and how it can truly change everything about us and change everything in our lives! Each day we learned how Grace changed a part of us. In day 1, we learned that Grace changes our Hearts, while in day…

Reading and Math Buddies Needed!

I have been wondering lately what it might be like to be a child in today’s world. It seems completely foreign to my own childhood. I suppose every parent or grandparent marvels at the societal, educational, political, and cultural changes that can occur in just a generation. This is what leads us to that inevitable “old person” preamble: “Well back in my day . . .”…

Summer Worship Schedule is Here!

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that this Sunday, May 27, we will be switching to our summer worship schedule on Sunday mornings. From now till September, there will be only one Sunday service at 9:30am each week! Our Saturday service will continue at its normal time.

Zach Meyer’s Mission Thesis Paper

A message from Zach: “I want to thank everyone so much for attending adult forum this past week; it was an honor to talk to all of you about this topic so close to my heart. I was blessed to talk about my mission experiences, and hope it stimulated some good conversation! A few of you have asked if I would post my actual written thesis online so anyone can read it.…