Community Call Games!

Community Call Games!

We’ve played some fun games over our Community Calls this summer, and we are excited to share these games with the community. Each game is a modified version of a popular party card game, converted to work over a shared screen in Google Chat or Zoom! Each game comes in its own PDF, along with instructions for how to play with your own group! Again, we can’t take ANY credit for these games; these are just repurposed versions of popular games, designed to work in a church setting with youth groups!

The Game of Last Word

Based on Last Word (The Game) , from Paul Lamond Games

The Game of Side Effects

Based on (May Cause) Side Effects, from Pressman Toy Corp.

The Game of Encore

Based on Encore, from Endless games

The Game of Things

Based on The Game of Things, from PlayMonster

The Game of Blank Slate

Based on Blank Slate, from USAopoly

The Game of Mad Gab

Based on Mad Gab, from Mattel

The Game of Taboo

Based on Taboo, from Hasbro

The Game of Colourbrain

Based on Colourbrain, from Big Potato Games

The Game of Boggle

Based on Boggle, from Hasbro

The Game of Buffalo

Based on Buffalo, from Tiltfactor

The Game of Name 5

Based on Name 5, from Endless Games

The Game of Say Anything

Based on Say Anything, from North Star Games

The Game of Snippets

Based on Snippets, from The Master Theorem Games

The Game of Herd Mentality

Based on Herd Mentality, from Big Potato Games

The Game of Neanderthal Poetry

Based on Poetry for Neanderthals, from Exploding Kittens

The Game of Awkward Storytellers

Based on The Awkward Storyteller, from Euforia Matinal Games