Reading and Math Buddies Needed!

Reading and Math Buddies Needed!

I have been wondering lately what it might be like to be a child in today’s world. It seems completely foreign to my own childhood. I suppose every parent or grandparent marvels at the societal, educational, political, and cultural changes that can occur in just a generation.

This is what leads us to that inevitable “old person” preamble: “Well back in my day . . .” I’ve said it. You’ve said it. People of a certain age will probably continue to say it for all eternity. It’s fun to remind the whippersnappers of their lives of luxury, ease, and de-tasseling-free comfort. But it’s also good for us mature folks to empathize with the children of today. It is a very different world for those who have known technology from infancy. The impact of social media, immigration and family separation, continued racial bias and unrest, bullying, and school violence on our current youth will be profound! Here is where YOU come in . . .

Last year during a Congregation Council retreat, your council set some goals for ourselves around our vision: “Invite, Grow, Serve.” Part of the work that came from these goals was to have conversations with our Windsor Heights neighbors and community members about the issues and needs of our community and where we, as a congregation, might serve.

As a result of these conversations, two local schools, Clive Learning Academy, and Cowles Montessori School have requested our participation in the lives of their students! We are being summoned to participate in the formative years of children at a time and in a place where there is great need. Here is a wide open door to show God’s love to God’s children. Will you walk through the door, bow your head, settle in, and share a story with a child?

—Congregation Council Member Jamie Charlton


Reading Buddies: a partnership with Clive Learning Academy

  • Volunteers read with students each week in their classrooms to promote literacy and build meaningful relationships.
  • 1 hour per week September – May
  • Can set day/time that works for you
  • If interested 

Math Buddies: a partnership with Cowles Montessori School

  • Volunteers meet with students at WHLC to discuss mathematics and share new and old strategies for solving problems. No math experience required!
  • Meet 1 x per month (days/time TBD)
  • At WHLC
  • If interested


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