Getting Involved-We Need Your Help!

Getting Involved-We Need Your Help!

Wondering how you could get involved with some of our ministries here at WHLC? We have entered our fall schedule with means the return of our Wednesday Evening schedule, as we are looking for faces both new and familiar to hep out with our various ministries & groups during the evening! With the recent addition of so many new faces to our faith formation classes, we are looking for. few people who wouldn’t mind simply hanging out with the students between the 6:00-6:30pm time slot, as we currently don’t have quite the number of adults we need to help with so many kids!

We are also looking for news faces to join us with community meal prep & service this year! Feeding hungry guests is one of our most cherished ministries at WHLC, and we’d love to have some volunteers bring their awesome recipes for a community meal. There are many areas to help out with meals-includes serving, clean up and even brining the meal yourself. We have a really simple approach to kitchen prep for meals, so no worries about how you cook, bring or serve the food (we have had people cook it the morning of the meal, bring it pre-cooked or simply order something for people to eat).

You can find sign-ups for our many volunteer opportunities on Wednesday evenings below-if you have any questions about volunteering, or are more curious about ways you can get involved, please contact Zach at!

To help with Faith Formation, click here!

To help with the Community Meal, click here!


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