Toddler Music Class

Toddler Music Class

Hello everyone!

I hope that you have all had a great start to the school year or are enjoying your time at home! 🙂 We had such a great time with our toddler music classes this summer that I am so excited to offer them again this fall! Here is some information.

Classes will be approximately every other Saturday morning. Please sign up for as many of the Fall Semester dates as you are available by next Tuesday, September 21st.

Our first class will be Saturday, October 2nd!

Time: 9:30-10:15am

(I plan to start a bit later in the morning during the Fall Semester, in hopes that it is warmer at 9:30am than at 9:00am!)

Fall Dates: 7 Classes

Saturday, Oct. 2

Saturday, Oct. 16

Saturday, Oct. 30

Saturday, Nov. 6

Saturday, Nov. 20

Saturday, Dec. 4

Saturday, Dec. 18

Spring Dates: 10 Classes

Saturday, Jan. 8

Saturday, Jan. 22

Saturday, Feb. 5

Saturday, Feb. 19

Saturday, March 5

Saturday, March 26

Saturday, April 9

Saturday, April 23

Saturday, April 30

Saturday, May 7


  • Windsor Heights Lutheran Church, outside under the elm tree 🙂

    • 1240 66th St, Windsor Heights, IA 50324

  • Winter/Cold Location: varying large rooms inside the church


  • The price is $20 per student per class, with a 10% discount for each additional student joining us!

  • You’ll pay up front for as many classes as you sign up for.

  • Starting this fall, I will refund your money for one missed class. There are no refunds for any missed classes after that.

  • Payment Options:


  • Students are welcome to participate from 1-4 years old.

  • Any students who are younger than 1 year old can come along, but you don’t need to pay for them!

Sign-Up Info

Please sign up for as many of the Fall Semester dates that work for you by Tuesday, September 21st.

I’ll send your specific invoice billed for as many classes as you’ve signed up for by Saturday, September 25th.

Sign-Up Sheet Linked HERE

  • Please sign up for as many dates as you are available.

  • Each family has their own row, so just leave spots in your row blank if you’re not able to make class on that date.

  • Please list all of the students’ names that you plan to attend.

  • Please also list their age next to their name so we know how to plan the classes!

What To Do When You Arrive:

  • We’ll begin with some music to dance and play instruments to as you enter. I’ll greet you and you and your kiddos can explore some instruments while you hang out, chat, and dance before class!

  • Please note that we want this to be a fun and relaxed environment, so hang out before class officially starts however you feel comfortable!

  • We’ll have spaces laid out for each family to be spread out in a large circle under the tree or in the choir room.

  • Each family will have their own instruments, and we’ll sanitize them after each class.

  • Per Windsor Heights Lutheran Church’s current COVID mitigation strategy, I encourage adults and children over age 2 to wear a mask while indoors.

Parent Guidelines/Helpful Information:

  • Parents, please participate, sing, and dance as much as possible to help your kiddos feel comfortable. 🙂

  • Children’s response in class may be minimal at first- that is ok! It is our job as teachers and parents to sing and participate so that the kids feel comfortable participating too!

    • I also encourage you to do the activities at home once you get to know them.

If your child starts roaming a bit away from the group- that is ok! I just ask that they aren’t distracting other children while they roam 🙂

  • I’ll repeat each song or rhyme at least 4 times at every lesson, and repeat them again for about 4 lessons in a row.

    • This helps you and your children get to know the songs and rhymes really well to be able to do them in class and at home.

    • We’ll add a few more new activities every week so we have variety too!

Please let me know if you have any other thoughts or questions! I can’t wait to see you this fall!

Thanks again!



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