Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • 1240 66th Street
    Windsor Heights, IA 50324

  • Koinonia Room

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Compassion and the love of knitting/crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry and spiritual practice which reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace, as well as in celebration and joy. Many blessings are prayed into every shawl. The shawl maker begins with prayers and blessings for the recipient. The intentions are combined throughout the creation of the shawl. Upon completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent on its way.

WHLC Prayer Shawl Ministry reaches out to those in need with a shawl made to comfort, console, and strengthen our family of faith.  A shawl is a tangible reminder of God’s promise to always be with us. Called prayer shawls, the making of a shawl is a spiritual practice for the crafter. A prayer is said as the shawl is begun and then many prayers are added with the stitches. Each shawl is a blend of prayers, talents, gifts, and grace. They are freely given with no strings attached. They are gifts of love.  Countless shawls have been created and distributed. Recipients are members of WHLC and non-members alike who are ill, recovering from a personal event, in need of consolation with the loss of a loved one, or those In celebration of a birth or baptism.

WHLC Prayer Shawl Ministry began approximately 10 years ago. Ministry participants include skill levels from beginners to experts and across many age groups. WHLC Prayer Shawl meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Koinonia Room.  Please consider joining this group for fellowship, creativity, and the joy of creating something to symbolize love and caring for others.

Please contact the church office to assure a prayer shawl has reached one in need.