Outdoor Community Nights

Outdoor Community Nights

Wednesday Community Nights will begin on September 9th from 6:00pm-7:00pm, and will occur every subsequent Wednesday through about Mid-October (likely the 14th). The evenings will act as our primary in-person gatherings for the week, and offer the chance for kids (Kindergarten through Confirmation) to have their time for community, study and fun! There will be plenty for parents and adults too, including chances to simply hang out, play some fun games like we did over the Community Calls, or engage in a Daily Discipleship discussion!

Upon pulling into the parking lot, you’ll notice different areas of the outdoor space sectioned for different groups! The idea is to divide up our outdoor space (we have quite a bit of it) so different age groups can meet at safe distances. Everyone attending will need to bring a mask, but we will have several provided here at the church in case anyone forgets one! We do ask that people bring their own sewing in the form of lawn chairs, blankets, et. This helps us with set-up/take-down, and doesn’t require us to clean/disinfect that much following each evening. As of now, there are the groups meeting, and the spaces outdoors they’ll meet at:

Faith Formation: Kids in K-6th grade will meet with Zach & Amanda

Confirmation: Students in 7-9th grade will meet with the Pastors

Daily Discipleship: For adults who want to have a faith-based conversation

Meet-Up: For parents/adults who want to hang out, chat or play a few games 


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