• 1240 66th Street
    Windsor Heights, IA 50324

  • Parish Hall


We are a lively group of retired persons who enjoy the fellowship and the “great Lutheran buffet” at noon, followed by a special program. For more information, contact Pastor Robin Coughennower at 277-6277.

I’m pleased to say that we will resume our monthly gathering that is geared towards people aged 60 and older. The date and the time have changed. We will meet on the first Tuesday of each month, beginning at 11:30 a.m., with a few announcements and then a meal. For August, the meal will be provided by our kitchen volunteers, led by Ellen Graham. With a theme of “State Fair Day” the menu will be corn dogs and other summer delights. There will be games, prizes and a cake walk for dessert.
All members and friends are invited to attend. While this group focuses on our older members, anyone can come and join us for some great food, fellowship and fun events.
At this meeting in August, there will be discussion about what Elderberries will look like for the future. Is a pot-luck style meal still feasible? What activities would be of interest to the group? Are there any volunteers who would like to help plan and serve at the event each month?
Please come as we gather again to share a meal, enjoy some fellowship and plan for the future.
~Pastor Robin