Brief Service of Holy Communion

Brief Service of Holy Communion

Beginning the week of July 6, we will offer a brief service of

Holy Communion at 9:30 on Tuesday mornings, 3:00 on Tuesday afternoons, and 7:00 on Wednesday evenings. Here’s what you need to know about these services:

•They will be brief – less than 30 minutes. •All participants must wear a mask.

  • Social distancing will be maintained.
  • Enter through the main doors – services are in Crabtree Parish Hall.
  • No singing – speaking only.
  • The pastor leading may offer a brief reflection on the scripture reading, but the main sermon of the week will continue to be during the Sunday live-streamed service.
  • Communion will be in one kind (wafers only) with abundant hand sanitizing.
  • Initially numbers will be limited to 10 per service. Please sign up at
  • If you are willing to greet people outside the main doors and offer a mask to anyone who comes without one, put your name in the “greeter” slot on the signup sheet.
  • If you have any difficulty signing up, call the church office – 277-6277.
  • Please stay home if you are feeling sick in any way.


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