ELCA Youth Gathering Forms

ELCA Youth Gathering Forms

Student Registration Form

Adult Leader Registration Form

Registration for the ELCA Youth Gathering is upon us. On September 22nd, congregational registration opens up for this amazing event, which will take place in Minneapolis, MN from July 24th-July 28th. Students currently in 8th – 12th grade are eligible to register, as well as adult leaders (must be 21 or over to be a leader). Since congregations must register as as a single group, we ask anyone interested to fill out the registration forms above, and return them to the church. You can return the form by dropping it off at the church office, or by email/faxing it to Zach at zach@whlc.org.

Early Bird registration, which has cheapest retakes per gathering individual, is from September 22nd to November 21st, after which price rates increase, so the sooner we can put our group together the more cost-friendly out rate will be! Once we have collected registrations of the group, we’ll register our congregation as one. Payment is processed closer to the gathering; we’ll let participants know how they pay to attend the event once the gathering sends us the final cost!

Please note! The Gathering recommends a certain student to adult ratio for each group. There’s a chance we may have more adults be interested being leaders than our group needs! We ask the everyone be understanding of this as we put our group together, and realize it may mean that every adult interested in being a leader may not get a chance to be part of the group. Please contact Zach if you have questions about this!

As our group forms, we’ll be meeting to discuss our plans for travel, our schedule for the week, and cover further updates from the Gathering staff. Our first meeting is on Thursday, September 2nd at 6:30pm; future meetings will be posted on Facebook, our newsletter & here on the website. If you have questions about the Gathering, registration, or future meetings, feel free to contact Zach!

Additional Info on the Gathering can be found at the Gathering Website!