Children, Youth & Family Ministry Resources!

Children, Youth & Family Ministry Resources!

Looking for ways to engage your kids in their faith while we each connect in our own homes? We’ve dedicated the page to share resources, both from WHLC and the global church, so that kids can engage in Faith Formation in their own homes!

Virtual Faith Formation Videos!

We have created some of our very own Virtual Faith Formation Videos for kids to practice and engage their faith in their own homes! These videos share Bible stories, offer fun projects, and ways for us to connect as a community! Click the title above to go to our Vimeo Page, where you’ll find the videos!

Resources from the Global Church!

6-Day Kitchen Table VBS Curriculum Package: An awesome resource developed by a youth worker within in the ELCA! This curriculum offers fun lessons, Scripture readings, DIY projects and is designed for social distancing! This is an awesome resource to use with grade school kids and their families, or any age!

Illustrated Ministry Lent Coloring Sheets & Lessons: We’ve used some stuff from Illustrated Ministry in the past, and they have recently offered a free weekly resource for families to take part in during Lent. This includes not only there awesome coloring pages than can be printed out, but lessons & activities for the whole family!

Faith 5 Program from Faith Inkubators: This is a simple yet wonderful way for families to discuss their faith every evening! The Team behind Faith Inkubators does a wonderful job of presenting a simple format that works for all ages and all types of families! If you looking for a brief yet simplistic way to engage your kids in faith on a daily basis, this is a great place to start!

Movies, a Theological Discussion Resource: With so many of us constantly at home now, that like means there tons of movies and tis being watched, whether its on Netflix, Disney Plus or your home dvd collection! This great resource was recently shared over the ELCA Youth Ministry page, and offers theology discussion points that families can apply to any movie! A highly adaptable and easy to use resource, this is an awesome resource for older kids & their families!

Sticky Faith Family Ideas: This curriculum from the Fuller Youth Institute is an amazing resource dedicated to helping kids get a better grasp on Lent, particularly everyday practices we can do to Notice God more in our lives. This is the current curriculum CHAOS is using, but in addition to its leader guides, the free resource comes with an awesome list of family ideas for each week of Lent! This is the original document edited to have just the family ideas pages in it-while not all may be applicable with Social Distancing, its it nonetheless an awesome resource, especially for older kids & their families!

Morning Watch: An Awesome YouTube channel put together by two pastors, who are also brothers, their videos can help kids get the perfect start to their day in a quick and fun format! They actually have videos for different ages, which share special songs, Lent ideas, and how we can still be the church even with social distancing. A great-fun resource for young kids to start the morning on a hopeful note!

Prayer Cubes: An excellent little activity created by Lutheran as part of the response to COVID-19, these are fun projects to create your own prayer cubes! These are simple and easy to create, and are a perfect craft for the little ones in your family! These will help families explore some new and fun ways to pray everyday-in some different and exciting ways!

Kids Worship Bulletins: This is a great home alternative to the children’s sermon & our Creation Station in the Sanctuary! This webpage is filled with quick links to online PDF’s you can download and print out in your own home! The bulletins include coloring pages, activities and more! This is a fun resource perfect for younger ages to help get their faith fix during the day!

Resources from Beaming Books: Beaming Books, who have a connection with Sparkhouse (the group WHLC often gets curriculum for its kids from) has recently made this page of resources available to everyone in the midst of social distancing. There are tons of great resources on this page, including some Sparkhouse ones! Theres everything from cooking activities, to rainy day projects, to a Bingo board-this is a wonderful resource for young kids and their families!

Candlelight Devotion: Here is a really cool devotion you can use with your whole family at home! Candlelight devotions bring a unique way to think about the day, and where we are right night coming up on Holy Week in the midst of our global situation! This is an easy way to tap into your faith at your own home!

Messy Church USA-Holy Week Materials: This is a resource that was shared amongst our youth ministry pages, and it is an awesome resource for all of Holy Week. it contains plenty to learn and plenty to do, again all in your own home! This is a multi-day resource, and could easily be fired up with others or could be used on its own!