Anniversary Photos & Videos!

Anniversary Photos & Videos!

To celebrate this special year, several members of the congregation have worked together to create special videos, scrapbooks, and photo albums celebrating our history. This page holds links to every special media piece created for our anniversary! Check out what our church family has put together!

Synod Anniversary Video: We were asked by our synod to put together a brief video slideshow to show at the recent synod assembly. Zach and Robin teamed up, providing the slides and narration, respectively, on the video below!

75th Photo Album: It is finally here! Photos from across WHLC’s 75 years have been combined into a complete photo album, available through google photos. Check out our history through this awesome collection of hundreds of photos!

 Click here to view the Album!

Slideshow Video: Want a more categorized look at the photo album? Check out our slideshow video of our anniversary pics! It categorizes the photos, and provides descriptions & different musical accompaniments to every category.

Timeline Panel: Want to see some of these photos firsthand in person, and with bigger descriptions? Check out our timeline panel, which was installed by the front doors of the church earlier this past year!

Our timeline panel covers our history and describes photos more in-depth.

Reflections From The Kids: We wanted out WHLC kids to contribute to this anniversary year too! The video below was put together by our WHLC kids. Watch as they share what our church means to them, and why they love coming here.